Liandri Archives - Unreal Tournament website from Beyond Unreal portal, a main UT resource
UT99.org - UT99 forums, the most complete forum resource about Unreal Tournament
The Unreal Admin Page - A portal for UT99 admins and troubleshooting UT99 servers
333networks Master Server - The Master Server by 333networks, a main project to sustain online multiplayer games after the the shutdown of GameSpy
UTPG - Unreal Tournament Peservation Group website, no more active but some cool files are still available
ModDB Unreal Tournament - Unreal Tournament page from ModDB website, a main portal to UT mods
Unreal Playground - Unreal Playground forums, a main portal to UT resources
Planet Unreal UT - UT page from Planet Unreal portal, a historical UT resource
UT files - The most known file database for Unreal Tournament and the main portal to UT files
medor.no-ip.org - A huge directory of ut99 files by Medor
ut.noccer.de ut99 files - Another huge collection of ut99 files by Noccer
UTTexture.com UT Downloads - A great collection of ut99 files from UTTexture.com website
ut99files.gamezoo.org - My file website :)
ZaGhost's UT Page - A nice website where you will find UT crosshairs of any kind
unreal-games.livejournal.com - A nice website by Evilgrins, aka "the master of screenshots" :)
Unreal Realm of Concepts - An interesting website about Unreal and conversion for Web 3D (web.archive.org)
pseudorandom.co.uk UT - You can find here some useful files and models (Advanced Model Support)
The Unrealism Zone - A nice website dedicated to Unreal Tournament for MacOS platform
Universal Unreal - An advanced UT99 server communication system
Unreal Engine 1.x Games - A list of games using a version of the first generation Unreal Engine by Epic Games, this includes the 1.0 engine from Unreal (builds 1-226) and the 1.5 engine from Unreal Tournament (builds 300-436 + 451)
ISC Sniper Clan - The forum of ISC snipers, you can find me here ! :)
TsF Sniper Clan - The forum of TsF, a friendly italian sniper clan
Team CoN - CoN forum, Creatures of the Night, a very friendly sniper clan (hello Matt !)
NBK Snipers - The forum of NBK snipers, Natural Born Killers (hello Ivan !)
EST Elite Sniper Team - The forum of Elite Sniper Team [EST] (hello Noccer !)